Cosplay – What’s the hype?!


When I began cosplaying this January, a lot of people were surprised to find that I would was into that kind of thing. They didn’t really understand what the point was. However, people seemed really interested to quiz me about my cosplay experience, regardless of the fact that it was an alien concept to some.

To be perfectly honest, before I began my cosplay journey, I thought exactly the same way. I had so many questions – Why spend money and time on such an activity? What is the appeal of going to a convention? What’s the deal with cosplay? What is the hype?!?!


Well, I can now cheerfully say that cosplay is definitely as hyped as it should be! I could ramble on about why it’s so incredible for ages, but for the purpose of this post, I’ll keep it simple and sweet.

1. You can become your hero!

With use of makeup, costumes, and props, you’ve got an opportunity to live the life of your favourite character from movies, tv shows, animes,  books, games, internet series… You can be anyone or anything you want to be. Looking like your hero, and even better, being in character adds to your appreciation of that character as well as serving as a super neat way sharing what you are passionate about with the world around you.


(Photo credit : Belladonna Rose Cosplays)

Poison Ivy was amazing to be for a day at Q Con XXII this year, mainly because I got to be a scheming seductive temptress villain for a day, traits of which are completely out of the ordinary for me! 😂Good guy or bad guy, bringing your heroes to life is always a charm.

2. It boosts your confidence! 

I’ve got to say, there is no better feeling than having a fellow con-goer fangirling over you. You get instantly showered in compliments and supportive comments that make you feel damn incredible in that cosplay, and personally, I would describe that feeling as being able to reach for the stars! Cosplaying brings you out of your shell and you feel great about being you, in an ensemble that attracts zero judgement. Every little piece of support and encouragement in your cosplays really serves as a major confidence booster, as well as an ideal way of comfortably settling into your own securities.


(Photo Credit: Darach Photography)

Throwback to my first cosplay experience, as Mey Rin from Black Butler. Although I was feeling fairly nervous at the time, cosplaying such a brave hearted character as her and the response that she got, those nerves were quickly eradicated. 😄💣

3. It improves your crafting skills! 

You would be surprised at how crafty you can get when it comes to cosplaying. Of course, some cosplayers buy their costumes mainly for convenience, although I think there is something extra special in making a DIY job out of them. The pride you feel wear in the finished product is fairly electrifying.

Literally, you begin to always think about materials that you can use to make certain parts of a costume. You could be shopping, browsing the internet, or simply busying yourself about the house she you spot something that instantly opens you up to so many crafting possibilities! 😀 I legitimately think that if I were ever deserted as a castaway or in need of key crafting skills to equip me in a zombie apocalypse (this is very necessary, I assure you! Hehehehe…), I think my cosplay crafting skills will have me pretty covered.

4. Connections, connections….

Cosplaying is the perfect way to meet people who love what you love! Conventions are a great way for similar-minded cosplayers to come together, with their range of events that are designed to suit specific interests, such as a themed photoshoot, a gaming tournament, a special screening, and many more.


After attending a FairyTail themed photoshoot, I was instantly thrown into this group of people who I could comfortably discuss all things specific to that anime, take some amazing photos together as a real life FairyTail Guild,make plans for upcoming conventions as an cosplay group, and ultimately, in this case, ravage at all the character ships and OTPs! 😂😂😂


Nalu of course was my personal favourite ship 💜💋


I’m so glad to be able to say that I’ve made life long friends through my cosplays. I’ve found laughter, I’ve found love, and I found a way of further expressing myself. The memories I’ve shared with them are honestly am on the happiest in my life so far, and that is fairly flippin’ fantastic. 💛

5. You’ll come back for more!

You never just cosplay once. After experiencing the non judgemental, free spirited,  and sparkling enthusiasm of the cosplay community, you’ll find yourself looking for more ideas for your next cosplays.



All in all, cosplaying is extracalifragilistically brilliant! (Shamelessly referencing Disney, because Disney is my jam).


(Photo Credit: Darach Photography)


I’m super duper pumped for the next con, which for me will probably be next January. I’m aspiring to bring both Batgirl and Mary Jane Watson from Spider-Man to life, as well as bring back my old love,  Lucy Heartfilia, for another spin. 🎀💙

And after that who knows where my cosplay journey will take me… Hmmm….

BRING IT! Cosplay hype be so real right now 😉😉😉😉


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