Dawn of the Dead


Hallowe’en time is one of my favorite times of the year! This year, I got the opportunity to spend Hallowe’en in the USA, which I was super excited for because it’s common knowledge that Americans like to go the whole nine yards when it comes to October 31st.

Sadly, this year I didn’t have much material to work from in terms of getting dressed up. Most of my cosplay attire were back home, which included most of my face paint, my dramatic costume make-up, my wigs and hair accessories, my sewing kit, and of course, my actual costumes. I didn’t have the resources nearby to put a costume together, and everything I could find that was reasonably priced online were too revealing for my liking. I initially wanted to go as Pocahontas, but  I slowly learned to realize that it wasn’t going to happen as I idealized it. Plus, leaving it to the last minute really didn’t help! JCU didn’t exactly give me much time off to plan the perfect costume.

So, I figured that I’d have to improvise. And improvisation is something that I’ve become quite good at over the years!

So I looked through my very select wardrobe hoping to find something that I could pass off as a costume. Low and behold, I found my skeleton dress that I bought at Q con last year! With its intricate print and its pentagram bust-line, it was definitely a promising start to my Hallowe’en creation. Here’s an up-close picture of my dress. I’m in love with the detail! <3

Women's "Occult Bones" Pentagram Dress by Rat Baby (Black) #InkedShop #skeleton #Bones #dress #style #fashion: Women S, Babies, Clothing, Dresses, Occult Bones, Pentagram Dress, Bones Pentagram, Rats20151030_222713

I teamed it with a white chiffon shawl and my black trench boots for an enhanced gothic look.

After some essential Instagram browsing, I found that skull candy make-up was what seemed to be trending this year for Hallowe’en costume ideas. CVS had a very limited range of face paint, most of it seeming to be of poor quality (which I didn’t really fancy putting onto my face). But I did manage to find two Stargazer facial palettes, in black and white. Well-pigmented and soft-to-touch, these were perfect for my last-minute idea. I covered my face in a white base and began to draw black hollows and hate-lines where appropriate. I paid specific hollowing attention to my eyes, my cheekbones, and my mouth (where I drew stitches extending from my smile for an extra horrific effect). I chose to wear a little red lipstick beneath my creepy smile to add a pop of color – I mean, I was in black and white from head to toe! ^.^

Tip: I would recommend hair spraying your face to ensure that face paint such as this lasts all night long!

For my hair, I lightly curled it with a straightener and then I loosely pinned it up with a few stray curls settling around my face. I topped off my costume with a black flower headband to finish off my ghoulish look!

This is my completed Dawn of the Dead look! :)

I had a of fun rocking this costume! Friends and fellow party-goers said that they loved how simple it was to put together and that it turned out creepier than they thought it would!


If you have any questions or have any ideas you’d like to share, then please feel free to comment below!


Best of luck!

Sinead :) x

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