Hello world!


*BOOM* Hey out there!

My name is Sinéad, I’m 20 years old, and I’m a student, style enthusiast, and music lover.

Beauty Blogging has always been something I’ve always loved to try out. I love voicing my opinions and trying out new things. I always like to be a little alternative from the norm, because normal people scare me  … And yes, if you got that reference, you’ll know that I’m also a massive American Horror Story fan too! 😉

I love to perform mini private concerts in the shower, sit in candlelight and think about the world’s biggest questions, cosplaying as my favourite characters and being someone else for a day, sprinkling glitter over absolutely everything, finding quaintness in the most unusual of places, decorating old jars to put my little bits into, walking around in as much leather as possible, talking to strangers in hope that my positivity will brighten their day, and just be…. Myself. My very individual self 💜💜💜

Welcome to my blog everybody!

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Alrighty,  time for this Heartfilia Bee to sign off. But don’t worry, I’ve got plenty up my sleeve for this site so make sure to keep yourself updated!  😉😉😉 xxx



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