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Behind the Cosplay


Lucy Heartfilia is a majestic, beautiful, cheerful, and determined celestial wizard in the amazing anime Fairy Tail. At the beginning of the series, Lucy is an independent amateur mage searching to join a magician’s guild and is particularly interested in Fairy Tail, the strongest and most awesome mage guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. After being rescued from a slave ship by Natsu, a dragon slayer who befriends Lucy in the anime and ultimately becomes her partner in crime, she is invited to join the guild. Once joining Fairy Tail, Lucy embarks on many marvellous adventures with Natsu, Happy, Gray, Erza, and the rest of the FairyTail team! 😻

Nalu, code for Natsu and Lucy, is my favourite character ship of all time. Everything about them is perfect, and the fact that they never give up in each other and always save one another in battle us the sweetest. Just thought I’d throw that in here… 😉 ❤


There are many elements of Lucy’s character that tickle my intrigue. Lucy is one of the most sensible members of Fairy Tail, having common sense and good judgement in moments of despair. She consistently points out Natsu’s and others’ idiocy, an interaction that I personally love simply because it’s hilarious. Lucy is also very confident in her appearance, exuding an air of vanity everywhere she goes. Despite this superficial attitude, she is passionate about literature and enjoys writing about her adventures with Fairy Tail.


Lucy practices Stellar Spirit magic, a skill which allows her to summon spirits from another world using Celestial Keys of the Gates. Her Stellar Spirits possess different powers suited to different battle requirements. For instance, Aquarius can control water, while Taurus has enormous strength. Each gold key has the Zodiac symbol of the one it is used to summon on it. According to Lucy, while there are large number of silver keys, there are only 12 gold keys. 🌟🌟🌟

Along with her keys, she also carries a whip, which she uses tactically and in combat. She also has a pair of enchanted glasses, called Gale-Force Glasses, which she uses to read at incredible speed during missions with Fairy Tail. 🔥 Pretty kick-ass, right? 😉



My Lucy Heartfilia Experience


Cosplaying Lucy was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done. I decided to cosplay her fairly impulsively, which of course, was something I’d do! It was my first time ever trying out a wig, so I felt a little apprehensive about it at first. However, as soon as the cosplay came together, I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. 😀


Lucy was such a hit at this year’s Q Con in Belfast! I can’t exactly explain it, but there was just something so warm and friendly about the con-goers when Lucy attended the convention. All day, hearing “HEY, IT’S LUCY!”, or “Oh my GOSH! Can you take a picture of Lucy and I?!” was so flattering.


What was also incredible was the fact that there was such a large volume of other Fairy Tail cosplayers at Q Con, which meant instant con friends, photo shoots,  discussions, and a whole lot of timeless memories. 💖


I was pretty proud of my DIY Lucy cosplay. After some upgrading you can bet’cha I’ll be cosplaying her again!




Lucy Heartfilia’s Makeup 


Lucy’s makeup doesn’t have all that much to it; her large, brown,  fluttery, doll-like eyes do all the talking. 👀

Your aim is getting those gorgeous eyes right, as well as complimenting them with other subtle features of anime-inspired makeup.

Here’s how it’s done my Lovelies! :

  • Apply a matte, oil-free foundation. Use concealer to cover up any blemishes. You want your face to have the perfect finish.
  • Powder your face to set your base for contouring. You want your face to be as shine-free as possible to achieve Lucy’s flawless complexion.
  • Use a matte, taupe bringing colour to contour those tiny anime features. Begin contouring your cheekbones. I find it easier to do if you say “Pikachuuuuuuuu” while doing this, simply because the puckering motion will make it easier for you to contour and it’s also flippin’ adorable.
  • Using the same colour, contour the sides of your nose, your temples, and your chin line too to add even more depth to your face.


  • Use a shimmering cream colour to highlight the high pointed of your face. You want to apply this along the bridge of your nose, along your cheekbones, upon your brow bones, and on your Cupid’s bow.
  • Apply a matte cream colour all over your eye lids. This will act as your eye shadow base. (You can use an eye makeup primer prior to this step if you like to ensure your makeup lasts longer).


  • Using a brilliant white eye pencil, like your water line. Extend your line out past the inner corners of your eyes to achieve that anime-popping look!


  • Set your eye liner with a little white eye shadow.


  • Use a plum eye shadow colour along the crease of your eye lids. Blend the colour out towards the outer corners of your eyes. Use any remaining colour along your lower lash line, but remember – do NOT apply this over the white eye pencil. You want your eyes to look as large as possible.


  • Now it’s time for the fun part – The black liquid eye liner! This step consists of a few simple flicks along the upper and lower lash lines. I would recommend having a wipe handy for any mistakes of your hands are shakey or if you’re just not all that great at using a liquid liner.


  • To create an even fluttery effect, apply a set of faux full length lashes. Make sure to apply them with a thin strip of glue rather than a thick one to avoid messiness. Trust me, they will stick just as well with a thin strip when applied properly. Use a tweezer for precision, and then use your fingers to gently press the lashes in place.
  • Apply a few coats of your favourite mascara to finish off Lucy’s majestic eyes. Use the mascara as a tool to blend your natural lashes in with the faux ones.


  • Lucy’s lips need to be sweet yet seductive, just as she is. Use a little candy pink lipstick to complete your makeup look.


And voilà! Your face is ready! 💙Now it’s time to start on your hair… 😉



Lucy Heartfilia’s Hair

If you’re lucky enough to have perfectly flowing bright blonde hair, then you can skip this step. 😄

Because I’ve got naturally dark hair, I use a wig for this cosplay. Tie your hair up, or even better, braid your hair, and pin it down so that it’s as compressed as possible. Put on your wig cap and place your wig on the crown of your head. I find it easier if I bend down a little when I do this. Once you’ve got your wig in a secure position, pin your wig in place.

Style your hair accordingly by adding Lucy’s blue bow upon her half ponytail. 🎀 Brush out your hair, and back-comb if needed, to add a touch of volume.

Lucy Heartfilia’s Attire

In terms of making my Lucy Heartfilia cosplay a DIY job, it wasn’t actually as difficult as you might think.

  • For Lucy’s shirt, I sewed some blue ribbon (the same as the ribbon I used for Lucy’s ponytail) along a sleeveless shirt in the style that she has in the anime. The shirt was a little big so I stitched it up at the back to make it smaller.
  • I wore a tight blue tube skirt as my Lucy skirt.
  • I wore black woolen knee high socks, teamed up with a air of black trench boots.
  • I used an old brown belt I had lying around the house and adjusted its size so that it hung from my right hip. I then safety pinned it in place.

All my Lucy touches of detail were pretty simple to add to my cosplay too.

  • For her Fairy tail stamp, I used a pink dry-ink pen and relatively decent hand-eye coordination in my drawing skills. I drew it onto my right hand, just as hers it!



  • I wore Lucy’s prime celestial key around my neck. I was actually given this as a gift but it’s readily available in most trader’s halls and online. I wear this around all the time, cosplaying or not, just because I love how intricate and unique it is.



  • My set of authentic Lucy keys were also given as a gift, I was pretty stoked when I got them. But again, this can be found in trader’s halls or online! LOOK AT HOW PRETTY THEY ARE….





  • Lastly, I made my Lucy whip by braiding together some long black pieces of fabric, and then gluing them to the tip and handle. I made the tip out if some cut out cardboard  covered in the same black fabric. I made the handle out of some cardboard roll covered in the same black fabric, which I then decorated with some black and white ribbon.



And that’s pretty much all there is to it! I hope you found this blog post helpful on your cosplay adventures. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this cosplay more, it’s definitely worth giving a try!



I look forward to seeing you all soon, my Lucy-Chans!

11059732_1515701572053869_3868218678994858695_nBest wishes, and good luck!

Sinéad. Xx




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