Mey Rin Cosplay and Makeup


Behind the Cosplay

Mey Rin, loyal and honourable maid to Master Ciel of the Phantomhive Manor in the anime Kuroshituji, or Black Butler. In many aspects, she reminds me of myself. Mey Rin, a seemingly sweet, ditsy young maid serves the Manor to her best ability. From behind her thick, round glasses, she often clumsily carries out her tasks at the Manor, as she frequently falls over, breaks things, and makes mistakes. The glasses were given to her by Ciel Phantomhive, and so, she keeps them as a symbol of her loyalty to her master. She has ultimate respect for, and the cutest crush on, the head butler of the Manor, Sebastian Michaelis, as we often see in the anime that Mey Rin becomes even more clumsy and maladroit, and even blushes, when he is around.


However, Mey Rin is not who she appears to be – By removing her glasses and use of some pretty impressive guns, Mey Rin takes on the role of a professional sniper, with excellent long-distance vision and highly robust and agile combat skills, sworn to protect the Manor at all costs.



This was my take on her make up look last January at Akumakon 5! 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫


(Photo Credit: Darach Photograpy )


Bringing Mey Rin to life


Mey Rin’s makeup was all about dramatic, doll-like eyes. After several tests messing around with eyeliner and highlighter, I discovered the key to getting her gorgeous eyes right! 😊 My makeup guidelines are as follows;

Start off with a foundation which is two to three shades lighter than your own skin tone. You’re aiming to achieve Mey Rin’s delicate, porcelain complexion, so use of a paler foundation will do just the trick! If you need to cover up any blemishes, make sure to use your concealer to further enhance her flawless finish.


Powder your face to set the makeup.  Because I’m quite tan, I used a little Johnson’s baby powder instead of my usual compact to further enhance the paleness. Contour your cheekbones, your temples, your chin,  and your nose with a matte taupe colour to recreate those small anime-like features.


Line your water line with a brilliant white eye pencil.  Extend the line out beyond the inner corners of your eyes. This will make your eyes appear instantly larger.


 Using a light, shimmery white colour,  sweep this all over your eye lids,  your brow bone, and on the inner corner of your eyes. Colours like this are great for creating tricks with light – Your eyes are instantly illuminated as light bounces off the shimmer of the colour so that focus is directed on them. 


Using a deep black liquid eye liner, wing out your line and create little flicks below and above your lash line as shown…. 


It’s okay to extend the flicks on the upper lash line onto your eye lids, as this will add even more drama to your eyes. As for your bottom lash line, make sure to line below the lines you have created with the white eye pencil to create the illusion of larger eyes.


Using single false lash inserts, place a few on the outer corners of your eyes,  on both the top and bottom lash line. You can also use a full set of natural looking lashes instead, it’s honestly a matter of preference. This , when combined with the flicked eye liner, will give your eyes the ultimate anime pop!



Lastly, top off your lips with some lip balm. Personally, I decided to use a rose-tinted lip balm to add a pop of colour.


Note: To ensure that my make up stayed in place all day long, I spritzed a little hairspray on to my face to set everything. Strange tip, I know, but trust me, it works wonders! 😉

For Mey Rin’s hair, I loosely scooped my hair up into two Japanese balls. I tousled them to make them look messy like hers do, and then I lightly straightened out my fringe and surrounding loose locks of hair to complete the look. Sadly, my hair isn’t as red as it used to be. I’ll definitely have to touch it up before I do this cosplay again.

As far as Mey Rin’s maid costume goes, my sewing skills severely let me down when trying to recreate her look. *Sigh*. It was my first attempt at making a dress, and as much as I hate to admit this, it eventually began to fall apart during Mey Rin’s convention debut! 😧👎

For the purpose of this post, I’ve patched it up a little and added my Mey Rin accessories to complete the look. 😁 These included a pair of reading glasses, black lace hand gloves, a black bow, black hold-up stockings, black trench boots, and some plastic toy guns (to be tied to the sides of my thighs with some more black ribbon).










Make sure to check out my YouTube tutorial on how to create this cosplay look for yourself! 💋 Here’s the link my Lovelies!

That’s all for the time being. Please excuse me while I use my sniper skills to fight off the enemies of Phantomhive!



Best wishes and good luck! 💗Sinéad. Xx







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