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Make up looks for nights out can often turn out to look fairly dodgy … your masterpiece that spent you an hour on often gets ruined by smudges and smearing. I think one of the worst feelings is when you’re in an overcrowded place, sweating like crazy, feeling your face shelter beneath your makeup thinking “Darn, my makeup is melting off!”

In other cases, night-time makeup can look dodgy down to the simple fact that there’s just too much going on. I mean, wearing super thick lashes, thickened lip makeup, heavy-drama eye makeup, and a couple of layers of foundation can often speak too loudly – Which is why I usually like to exaggerate one feature and let it speak for itself.

In my case, I’m a massive fan of a smouldering smokey eye as my night-time look. It defines eyes gorgeously without making them look small or tired. It also goes well with any lip color, it suits every eye colour, and it’ll  match any outfit.

Yepp, I think it’s safe to say that #MyNightLook is my go to look when it comes to my night-time adventures. Here’s a speedy summary of #MyNightLook eye makeup! 😻

1. Prime your lids with your favorite primer.


2. Highlight your browbone and the inner corner of your eyes using a shimmery cream colour. This really makes your eyes appear larger as it catches more light into them.

Note: Using highlighter can be particularly useful for cosplay makeup when big, cutesy eyes are necessary.


3. Apply black eyeshadow into your fold and wing it out towards the corners of your eyes and upwards towards the ending tips of your eyebrows. Investing a good make up brush makes this step so easy. Mine just glides the eye shadow on like silk with no patches.


4. Blend, blend, blend! Usually I’ll blend in a touch of a mocha coloured eye shadow match my eyes. Because my eyes are so dark I like to enhance their brownness to make them stand out even more.


5. Eyeliner – Wing it out so that it thickens as you reach the deepest, darkest part of your eye shadow creation. Then, create a smaller wing below the first one. That’ll make your eyes appear instantly more doll-eyed and adorable.


5. Apply your mascara.


6. Ta-da! 💋💋💋




So… to recap! 💜



I’ve been really loving lilac, so I’ve been sporting a gorgeous berry lilac colour as part of my night-time makeup look. It works so well with the eye make up and it’s quirky, so what’s not to love! 💜💜💜

That’s all for now. #LilacLove and #SmokeySmoulder are jamming! ^^
instabox_2015726121927133Best wishes and good luck,

Sinéad. xx


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