My Top 10 EDM Tracks


There’s nothing that gets me going like a good EDM track. Whether you’re a fan of electronic dance music or not, it’s difficult to resist tapping your feet, tapping your fingers, or nodding your head along to the beat.

Personally, I like to use EDM as a way of depicting stories. Before I started college, I used to think it was just… rhythmic noise. Countless nights out and social gatherings later, EDM is something I can emotionally and imaginatively connect to. I like to ‘ride the wave’ as they say, and use the music to create images of good times in my mind that allow me to feel closer with the music. For that reason, EDM makes me super duper happy and excited whenever I listen to it! I’ll admit, I tend to dance around my room to EDM a little too often than I should *awkward cough*.

Anyhow, although I love a massive range of EDM tracks, I’ve decided to whittle down my songs into my top 10 favorites. These are in loose order, but in my opinion, are all equally as electrifyingly brilliant,  If these don’t get you in the mood for dancing, then I’d be concerned if I were you. Hehehe.


1. Green Velvet, Harvard Bass – Lazer Beams

Kinda gets me in the mood for a Starwars light saber battle montage…


2. Ani-i – Kino I

YEAH! This song (and it’s video) always transports me through a journey of illusion and randomness through space. It doesn’t even have any lyrics, it’s all in the cosmic sound of the music.


3. Floorplan a.k.a Robert Hood – Never Grow Old (Re-Plant)

Such a classic. I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to this over a hundred times. I can’t get enough of the soulful execution teamed up with the bell-like beats. So bummed I  missed Floorplan live last week, I’ll definitely have to catch them next time!


4. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams

As most people know, I’m a sucker for 90’s tunes. I absolutely adore the jungle vibes of this song. Please excuse me while I venture off into the Amazon ….


5. Nikolai – Ready To Flow

Well, when it comes to Nikolai it’s safe to say that this song is a popular favorite. It’s bouncy, it’s fluid, it’s floaty. It’s every raver’s dream. What’s not to love?




6. The Nighttripper – Tone Exploitation [1992]

This hard-hitting track by Tone Exploitation never fail to get my shuffle on. The streetlight vibes of this song are just so amazing – Truly a song of the night.


7. Mental Resonance – Interstellar

Not only did the movie give me the feels, but Interstellar is a song that gets me excited every time! From my experiences, it’s the ideal stargazing song.


8. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

Picture this – It’s a sunny day, you’re walking down the street in a new pair of shoes, wearing your favorite sunglasses, and the biggest smile on your face while listening to this song. Well, that’s what this song makes me feel like anyways, but maybe that’s just me. Anyhow, the 80’s vibes in this song are unmistakably groovy.


9. Dj Bone – Detroit is Hard

So much love for this song. The video is insane! Honestly, I’ve got some pretty amazing memories linked to this song that include my dearest friends, so it simply had to be on my list.


10. Davina – Don’t You Want It

Finishing off my list is the fabulous Davina and her extended mix of Don’t You Want It. This song makes me feel like walking in the neon. You’ve gotta love the blissful funky feel of this song.


Well, that’s a wrap guys! I’ve got so many more songs that I’d love to include but the battle for the top 10 is over!

I hope you enjoy the music! <3 I’d love to hear any recommendations for new tracks to add to my EDM library!

All the best,

Sinéad. Xx


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