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Hey out there!

I’ve decided to write a more personal post this time, all about what’s happening in my life at present. Some might say that a diary would be useful for expressing my thoughts a this point in time, but I am just so super excited to share these thought with you, my lovely friends and followers!


So it’s day 5 of my adventures in America. I have already seen so much, and learned so much about the way of life in the States. I have already met so many wonderful people who I strangely feel I have known for much longer than just a few days. I have already experienced the warmth and the coldness of this climate. And with all that, I am still eager, still hungry for more.


One super cool thing I’ve noticed about Ohio is that everyone is genuinely polite, respectful, and interested in what you have to say. People always smile and say hello whenever you pass them by, regardless of who you are. That;s always something I’m used to doing at home, so it kind of warms my heart that it’s reciprocated here.

Whenever I get into a conversation with someone, puzzled by my unfamiliar accent, people are always excited to have met an Irish person. Generally, they continue to quiz me all about my life in Ireland, and about the differences and similarities that I have noticed. I’ve gotten so many people telling me all about their distant Irish connections from little towns that I have barely heard of, but even so their stories fascinate me. Americans struggle to pronounce my name though, I’ll need to really drum it into them to make sure that they remember me!

Many people also never forget to remind me that I shouldn’t hesitate to ask if I need something or have any questions at all. It seems that the humble people of Ohio, without haste or second thought, will go to the furthest lengths to help you, with absolutely anything, no matter how big or small your query is.

BeFunkyPhotokjhgBeFunkyPhotoggfBeFunkyPhotopoiuytBeFunkyPhotozxctvhbjnkml,Because John Carroll’s classes don’t begin until the 31st, the campus is occupied only by international students, athletes, and freshmen at the moment. I’ve been spending my time with the international crowd, learning more about their cultures and countries. One thing I’ve been terrible for is saying the word ‘craic’ inappropriately. I’m still not used to the fact that such a word means something else here! People generally find my accent easy to understand, although  I have been constructively told that I tend to speak too fast sometimes. I’m just super excited, I guess! The spectrum of diversity here is massive, with students coming to JCU from every corner of the globe! I’ve been lucky enough to be graced with two other Irish students, who remind me of home and together, I am eased me into this big transition in my life.


Ohio has got like a bazillion fun things to do. During orientation, we were given a tour of the area and of downtown Cleveland city on Lolly The Trolley, a popular touring trolley in Ohio. We were introduced to so many wonderful things, such as The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Little Italy, The Playhouse Square, The Cleveland Browns Football Stadium, Lake Erie, The Tower City Center, The Botanical Gardens, Cedar Point as well as so much more. I learned some interesting facts too. It turns out that the scenes where the aliens attack the city near the end of The Avengers was filmed in downtown Cleveland. Cleveland also has the second largest theater district in the world, second to New York’s Broadway district. Cleveland is also home to the tallest building between New York and Seattle. It’s also home to the world’s tallest roller coaster, the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster, and the world’s fastest drop on a roller coaster, all of which I had the privilege of experiencing. Another thing I learned was that the Browns never win a single game.






I loved The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, mainly for two reasons; One was that they had a floor dedicated to The Pink

Floyd Wall, with authentic written wall quotes and all. It was so phenomenal standing below it, I could feel the musical memories etched into ever brink in that wall. The other reason was that my Irish friend and I came across two women, aged at roughly 50, dancing away to their heart’s content to Le Chic’s “Funky Town”. We decided to join them, and so, there we were, four hyperactive females, jumping around hysterically to 80’s music and belting lyrics like satin fluid from our lips, in a world renowned museum of music culture. We progressed onto The Macerena, Walking on Sunshine, and some others, and I guess it’s safe to say, we turned plenty of heads. And it felt AMAZING!


Cedar Point was just breath-taking too. I had never been to such a thrill-seeking place before, and so I really let the adrenaline-junkie inside me loose! Millennium Force was definitely the best one, just because the colossal 300m drop made you feel like you were free-falling. It was terrifying and exhilarating, all at once.

BeFunkyPhotoddBeFunkyPhotoBeFunkyPhotopppppppppppjhugBeFunkyPhotolkjBeFunkyPhotokugBeFunkyPhotoooooooooBeFunkyPhotosedfLiving on campus has also been quite an adventurous experience so far. On arrival, I was shocked to find that I was staying in the biggest and best dorm that JCU had to offer! My room’s pretty cool, it’s air conditioned and pretty much sound-proof. The only problem is that there’s no mirror, but other than that it’s more than perfect. My suite-mates are all so lovely, we all get on really well and I’m glad to have been placed with them in 360 Murphy Hall!




College here seems to be more challenging than back home. Classes are assigned at different levels, and they are a lot smaller too. I’m taking one class which only contains a maximum of 8 students! I’ve been lucky enough that the books required for my classes are on hold for me in the library, otherwise I’d have to spend a fortune on them. I’m looking forward to getting back to work, so I guess I’ll just have to see how my first day goes.



What’s next on my agenda? Well, we’re all booked for Ed Sheeran at Blossom Hill in two weeks time, we’re planning a road trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto in Canada, and a weekend trip to New York. I’ll keep you posted my dears!


There is so much I want to say, but I have too much adventuring to do, so I’ll leave it here. That’s all for now.

Best wishes,

Sinead. Xx


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